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Why Urban Organic Agriculture™?

Urban Organic Agriculture, UOA is a means of farming that provides an alternative to the conventional farming practices that are unhealthy to our bodies and our communities.

URBAN, UOA is rooted in the local. Instead of transporting produce from thousand of miles away from the producer to the consumer, UOA encourages and supports local farming. The idea is to restructure urban development under the principles of sustainability for healthier living environment, vibrant local economy and food production.

ORGANIC, UOA is based purely on organic techniques developed with years of experience by our farmers to grow healthy, nutritious, and safe produce.

AGRICULTURE, UOA reintroduces agriculture into the lives of all Americans, whether they live in cities, suburbs or rural areas. Through outreach and education, UOA makes it possible for individuals and families to directly participate in food production and to have a closer relationship with their agricultural community. This relationship allows for healthier bodies, families, and communities everywhere.

USDA certified organic

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