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Growing Plan for Spring Crops on Four Raised Beds


Beets Radishes Lettuce (Leaf not head) Spinach


Compost 400lbs (Mixed or Cotton Bur) Seed Water Shovel Boards and plastic Gentle ppray head for water hose Optional pitch fork and small hand trowel

Soil Preparation:

With shovel or fork, loosen soil as deep as possible. One foot is best, but six inches is sufficient. Spread compost evenly over the top of the beds. Mix compost lightly about four inches deep. Water beds thoroughly. Wait one day before planting. After preparing soil do not walk or set anything on the beds.


Plant first week in February unless there is a hard cold spell. Plant seed 1/4 inch deep. Water lightly if dry. Cover bed with boards or plastic to prevent drying out of soil. Do not seal off access to air. Check daily to see if you need to water. The soil should be moist but not soggy. Remove boards or plastic once seeds have sprouted.

Leaf Lettuce

Plant one seed every six inches in rows spaced six inches apart.


Plant one seed every four inches in rows spaced four inches apart.


Plant one seed every three inches in rows spaced three inches apart.


Plant one seed every three inches in rows spaced three inches apart. Radishes are a four week crop, so plant half of the bed with the other crops, leaving the other half to be planted two weeks later. At the four week mark, harvest the first half of the bed. After the first half harvest, begin the planting process in that half again. Two weeks later, harvest the second half and replant there as well. Planting both sides twice will take 10 weeks, to shorten it by 2 weeks only replant the first half once.


Once the plants are up, check at least every other day to see if the plants need watered. Keep the soil moist but not soggy.


Pull weeds by hand and lay them down on the beds in between the plants. Do not throw them away as they will decompose between the rows and add organic matter to the soil. If the soil is moist, the weeds should come out root and all. If the beds are weeded two to three times per week, pulling them will not be a chore.


Lettuce can be harvested leaf by leaf or you can wait for the whole head to be harvested at once. Spinach is harvested leaf by leaf. If the soil is still soft pull Beets and Radishes by hand. If he soil has hardened, carefully dig them up with a small hand trowel. Lettuce and Spinach will be ready around seven weeks after planting, Beets at about four. As mentioned, Radishes should be ready for harvest at the four week mark.

Post Harvest

Leave all plant extras or residues including leaves, roots, basically anything not harvested on the beds. Cover with a thick layer of wheat straw or hay. Next year mix in the mulch with one hundred pounds of compost.

USDA certified organic

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